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In the News

2/11/2013 SF Examiner
San Francisco condo conversion allies rallying support

1/31/2013 San Francisco Chronicle
S.F. should lift condo limit

1/29/2012 San Francisco Business Times
Vote on San Francisco’s condo conversion legislation delayed

1/28/2013 San Francisco Business Times
Condominium conversion clash renews in San Francisco

1/25/2012 San Francisco Business Times
San Francisco condo lottery plan helps more than just owners

Condo conversion legislation moves forward

1/17/2013 SF Examiner
Condo conversion advocates lobbying for aid to owners of tenancy-in-common units

What does the condo bypass legislation entail?

6/22/2012 San Francisco Business Times
Condo conversion plan strikes a sensible balance

6/20/2012 San Francisco Examiner:
Condo conversion bypass will help housing needs San Francisco

6/14/2011 San Francisco Chronicle:
Supervisors’ TIC proposal faces opposition

6/12/2012 KQED News
S.F. Proposal Would Make It Easier for ‘Tenants in Common’ to Convert Units to Condos

6/12/2012 San Francisco Business Times
Supervisors back short cut to San Francisco condo conversion

6/11/2011 San Francisco Chronicle:
Supervisors offer new plan to allow more condo conversions

6/10/2012 San Francisco Examiner:
Board eyes fee in condo conversions

6/8/2012 Socket Site:
TIC Lottery Bypass Legislation Will Be Introduced Next Week

2/13/2012 Socket Site:
TIC Conversion Lottery Bypass And Mayoral Take Two

Group Seeks Condo Lottery Bypass,Raise Funds for Affordable Housing

1/30/2012 San Francisco Examiner:
SF apartment owners to lobby for condo conversion

1/27/2012 San Francisco Business Times
It’s time to dump S.F.’s failed condo conversion lottery

1/27/2012 San Francisco Business Times
Homeowner groups: Scrap condo conversion lottery

4/15/2011 San Francisco Chronicle:
Developer Peter Iskander’s tactics against tenants

3/21/2011 San Francisco Examiner:
More entries, but same number of winners in SF condo-conversion lottery

1/27/2011 San Francisco Business Times:
San Francisco condo conversion battle heats up

1/27/2011 Socket Site:
An Estimated 2,500 Units Entering 2011 Condo Conversion Lottery

6/23/2010 San Francisco Examiner:
Supervisors kill condo proposal

2/22/2010 San Francisco Examiner:
Parking garage restriction faces key vote

2/4/2010 ABC News:
Condo policy leaves owners, tenants frustrated

2/3/2010 San Francisco Business Times
Everyone wins if S.F. tinkers with its condo lottery

2/3/2010 San Francisco Examiner:
Condo conversion plan gains renewed interest

2/03/2010 San Francisco Chronicle:
Chronicle Editorial: A homegrown stimulus plan

12/12/2009 San Francisco Business Times
Canceling condo conversion lottery would help S.F.

11/23/2009 Socket Site:
San Francisco’s 2010 Condominium Conversion Lottery Kicks Off

1/31/2009 San Francisco Chronicle:
Proposal: Pay fee, skip condo-conversion line

1/27/2008 San Francisco Business Times
Activists push to junk condo conversion lotto

9/7/2006 San Francisco Examiner:
Condo Permit odds Toughen

5/16/2006 San Francisco Examiner:
S.F. housing shouldn’t be a zero-sum game

4/27/2006 San Francisco Examiner:
Committee OKs bill curbing evictions

2/13/2005 San Francisco Examiner:
Odds not so hot in S.F. tenants in common lottery

9/6/2002 San Francisco Chronicle:
Frustrated citizens turn to Plan C

7/2/2002 San Francisco Examiner:
Plan C: S.F.’s “middle way”