March 26  |  TIC/Condo Conversion Workshop

Please join us in the St. Francis room of St. Mary’s Cathedral at 6:30 pm, Wednesday, March 26th to learn about TIC to Condo conversion following the passage of last year’s legislation. DPW staff members, Board members from Plan C, legal counsel, surveyor and bank representatives will be on hand to provide an overview of the legislation and the condo conversion process and answer your questions. Plan C will be hosting an informational panel to address as many questions regarding ... | Read More >

February 28  |  A Realistic Perspective to San Francisco’s Housing Crisis

This blog is a follow-up to my ongoing housing blog series.  In my last blog, I discussed why San Francisco City Hall  failed all homeowners – renters and owners alike.  Today, I’ll explore some potential solutions.

This past week, Mayor Ed Lee hosted civic and housing groups at City Hall for a “working group,” including Plan C, to discuss solutions that address the housing crisis in San Francisco.  History is repeating itself.  Nine years ago in 2005, I participated in a ... | Read More >

November 23  |  Why San Francisco has Failed Homeowners and Renters

Here we go again.  As San Francisco’s intractable housing crisis crosses another misery threshold, City Hall politicians and the Board of Supervisors – including the Mayor himself – are running the same tired playbook to solve the crisis:  throw property and home owners under the bus.  What’s their solution this time?  Placing more restrictions on homeowners – this time attacking a state law called the Ellis Act.

The Ellis Act was passed in 1985 as a means for landlords to get ... | Read More >

June 25  |  Condo Bypass Recap and Scheduled Workshops

Plan C is scheduled to host two workshops (July 1st and 8th) in the coming weeks to help our members understand their rights under the recently passed “condo bypass” legislation.  But first, our thinking on what happened with the legislation.

As most of you know, Plan C has advocated for affordable homeownership in San Francisco for more than a decade.  Our primary focus has been on what we call “condo reform” – trying to make it easier for renters to buy ... | Read More >

June 18  |  Condo Bypass – Update 6/18

The board of supervisors voted 8-3 on June 11th and again today on second reading to support the amended version (supported by Supervisors Chu and Yee) of the bypass legislation. Supervisors London Breed and Malia Cohen voted with the majority. If current TIC owners are able to take advantage of this bypass opportunity (and that is a big if – due to the poison pill that kicks in if anyone sues to overturn the legislation), we’re very happy for them ... | Read More >

June 10  |  Condo Bypass – Update 6/10

Tomorrow, the Board of Supervisors will meet to vote on an amended version of the Condo Lottery Bypass Ordinance.

The original condo bypass legislation that Plan C supported, introduced by Supervisors Farrell and Wiener, no longer has any chance to succeed. The amended version, introduced by Supervisors David Chu and Norman Yee, introduces many terrible changes, including a minimum 10 year moratorium on future lotteries, increased ownership requirements for future lotteries, and the elimination of 5 and 6 unit buildings from ... | Read More >

May 7  |  Condo Bypass – Update 5/7

Today the Board of Supervisors voted to send the Condo Bypass legislation back to Land Use Committee.  (5/10 Update: The legislation will be continued on 5/13 until 5/20). We expect changes to the Chiu and Yee amendments will be presented at Land Use on 5/20 that will reflect the ongoing discussions that have been occurring between TIC and tenant advocacy groups. Plan C along with other TIC advocates continues to work towards a compromise that will help the greatest number ... | Read More >

April 22  |  Condo Bypass – Update 4/22

On April 15, 2013 Supervisors David Chiu and Norman Yee made amendments to the condo lottery bypass legislation first introduced by Supervisors Farrell and Wiener.  Plan C does not support the legislation as currently amended. We believe taken in combination, the amended legislation penalizes both current and future TIC owners and creates a number of unintended consequences, especially for those TIC owners that purchased their TICs within the last year (after 4/12/12). We believe no Supervisor should support legislation that ... | Read More >

April 16  |  Condo bypass amendments – 4/15 Update

Plan C has long been a champion of expanding the opportunities for first-time and middle income home buyers in SF. We have always believed that the path to home ownership created through the TIC to Condo conversion process is good for renters that aspire to become home owners, good for middle income individuals seeking home-ownership, and good policy for SF.

Currently, however, there are thousands of TIC owners caught in a lottery system that has failed to keep up with demand ... | Read More >

March 23  |  Condo bypass legislation – UPDATE

We have learned that the condo bypass legislation will not be heard at the Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee on March 25, 2013 at 1:30PM and will be postponed again. It is not necessary to come to City Hall on Monday. The hearing may be rescheduled for April 8th. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

We also need to alert you to some potentially very bad news relating to the bypass. Various tenant activist groups have recently been ... | Read More >