August 4  |  A Great Week for the Moderates

Are the progressives in retreat mode?  Over the past week, we’ve witnessed some promising developments at City Hall.  Last week, we saw Jane Kim and Eric Mar back away from a plan that would “gut” the Care-Not-Cash initiative.  Only John Avalos is left as an outspoken supporter. You can read more about this story here. 

This week,  two ill-advised measures have been pulled from the upcoming election ballot.  The first would have prohibited demolition of large housing developments, the other barring the ... | Read More >

July 11  |  Action Alert – Help Keep Care Not Cash

In 2002, San Franciscans recognized a problem existed in homelessness and came together to find a solution that made sense for all.  By passing Care Not Cash San Francisco took a significant step toward helping people get off the streets and on track to a better life.

Since that election, the City has stopped giving out cash grants to individuals claiming to be homeless and instead has used those resources to provide. Care Not Cash provides a path and incentive for ... | Read More >

October 11  |  Join Plan C in supporting Civil Sidewalks

If you’ve walked through the streets of San Francisco lately, you’ll know that people are often sitting outside stores and restaurants, harassing those passing by to donate money (or sometimes, just plan harassing!).  Not only does this detract from the commercial and aesthetic appeal of our business districts, ... | Read More >