Clean Streets & Parks

July 12  |  Action Alert – Help Save our Parks

Supervisors Avalos, Campos, Mar and Mirkarimi are trying to put a measure on the November Ballot that would place a number of restrictions on what the Recreation and Park Department could do with park facilities, including bans on fees for certain activities, and prohibitions on leases and contracts with certain facilities.

Unfortunately, this measure is written so broadly that it could ban beloved civic events like Gay Pride and Chinese New Year as well as birthday party and picnic permits. The ... | Read More >

October 11  |  Join Plan C in supporting Civil Sidewalks

If you’ve walked through the streets of San Francisco lately, you’ll know that people are often sitting outside stores and restaurants, harassing those passing by to donate money (or sometimes, just plan harassing!).  Not only does this detract from the commercial and aesthetic appeal of our business districts, ... | Read More >