About Plan C

We love San Francisco’s natural beauty, vibrant culture, diverse population, civic commitment and compassion.

We don’t love the skyrocketing housing prices, the homeless person we help out of our doorway every morning, the poor public transit, and streets and parks that suffer from neglect, graffiti and garbage, and public schools that are inconsistent in quality and assigned based on a system that creates hardships for many families.

So what can be done?

With the desire to look for real solutions to these issues, a group of San Franciscans began Plan C, a non-partisan, grass-roots civic organization focused on ending the stalemate on vital quality of life issues such as:

We want to create a city that thrives and is livable for everyone. Plan C has become the moderate voice for those who strive to make San Francisco the best it can be.

How does Plan C work?
Plan C brings together individuals and organizations who have a concern about our city, informing them of opportunities to make their voices heard. Plan C supports candidates who believe in our goals, and we push for legislation on key quality of life issues.

What has Plan C Done?

Plan C was the first citywide group to support the Care Not Cash initiative that passed overwhelmingly in 2002. We gathered hundreds of signatures to put Care Not Cash on the ballot, and raised $10,000 to help finance the measure. We believe that the only truly compassionate approach to San Francisco’s homelessness problem is one in which care, not cash, is provided.

Plan C believes that promoting affordable homeownership is essential to creating vital, safe, clean neighborhoods. We have advocated strongly for Tenancies in Common (TICs), one of the few affordable homeownership vehicles available to average income San Franciscans.

Plan C mobilized voters in 2004 to beat back efforts by Supervisor Chris Daly to severely restrict condo conversion. We plan to continue to promote affordable homeownership solutions, while preserving important tenant protections.

Candidate Endorsements
Plan C actively supports and endorses candidates who share our values. We were the first citywide group to endorse Gavin Newsom in the 2003 mayor’s race, and again in 2007. Since 2001, we have given significant support to moderate candidates for the Board, including Bevan Dufty, Fiona Ma (now in the State Assembly), Sean Elsbernd, Michela Alioto-Pier, Scott Wiener, Carmen Chu, and Mark Farrell.

Clean Streets and the Greening of SF
Plan C has implemented an online Department of Public Works form that can be used to report problems with street trash, dumped items and graffiti to DPW.

Plan C Action Alerts
Plan C regularly sends out Action Alerts to our membership to provide information and elicit action about current San Francisco issues.

Community Benefit Districts
Plan C made Community Benefit Districts (CBDs) a priority to increase the cleanliness and safety of San Francisco neighborhoods. CBDs are assessment districts in which businesses in a particular neighborhood assess themselves to create funds that are used to keep the streets clean and safe. CBDs now exist in the Tenderloin, Castro/Upper Market, Noe Valley, the Mission, and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Plan C at City Hall
Plan C has sponsored rallies at City Hall in support of affordable homeownership. We have paid for voter arguments within San Francisco voter guides, we have flooded City Hall with calls, petitions and letters around many issues and continue to look for opportunities to make our moderate voice known at City Hall.

Where did the name come from?
When Plan C was formed in 2001, we noticed that San Francisco’s most important policy issues seemed to get resolved not on their merits, but by shouting matches between political “machines:” a “downtown” machine, and a far-left, dogmatic, so-called “progressive” machine. We rejected the polarizing, divisive approaches of both San Francisco’s “machines“ you might call them “Plan A” and “Plan B”. We decided to call ourselves “Plan C,” an independent approach to the City’s quality of life problems.

Be a part of change in San Francisco
The opportunity exists this to end the bickering at City Hall, create consensus and address the issues that have plagued San Francisco. With over 1,200 members, Plan C is the largest moderate voice within SF and we are working to make change happen. Become a part of Plan C today.